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Updating credit file

This is important to you, and you want to make sure that the information contained as part of your credit report is accurate. Additionally, you may note inaccuracies in the address that is reported, and you may need to correct that.

Your credit report is a record of your credit activity and credit history.

Since lenders do not necessarily report to all three companies, the information on your credit reports may vary.

It is also true that lenders report at different times of the month, a factor that might contribute to slight differences in your reports, and therefore your credit scores, at any given time.

Therefore, Manual Updates should only be ordered when you are ready to apply for a loan or other type of credit offer in the e Credable Marketplace.

The Manual Update fee of .95 is not included in the AMP Connect Plus annual subscription fee.

Reporting your loan may have slipped through the cracks and once the credit union is alerted, it will be a simple matter of sending in the account activity to the bureaus.

It could be that your credit union does not have a relationship with any of the credit bureaus, particularly if it's very small.

A recent credit score report from Trans Union states that I "have no real estate accounts that can be used in determining a credit score." Yet I do have a mortgage in good standing with a credit union that does not show up on my credit report.This information applies to accounts like mortgages and car loans, which have fixed terms on the number of years for repayment.A few credit score points can mean the difference between a good mortgage rate, a lousy one or getting a loan at all.But take heart: If errors are dragging down your score, you can get them fixed, just in time for your much-anticipated closing.Rapid rescoring, a practice employed by mortgage lenders and brokers to help lift clients' scores to qualify for better loans, allows borrowers to get accurate information updated into credit files within a few days, rather than waiting weeks or months for the credit bureaus to do it on their own.

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Would it be worth the effort to have this mortgage included, and how would I go about doing so? have mortgages that are not reported to the credit bureaus, according to Michael Nathans, the founder of Pay Rent, Build Credit, Inc. Nathans has been working for years to empower consumers with the ability to have their regular bill payments -- often referred to as alternative or nontraditional credit information -- included in credit decisions. I predict that one of the other bureaus will have your mortgage listed.